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Deployment: Proven Ad Stack
or Use Your Own

We support multiple modes of deployment to suit any publisher’s needs.  The yieldos ad-stack has been successfully used to generate tens of millions of dollars in partner revenue.

If you opt to use ours, you’ll get:

  • Access to several premium advertisers through a Unified Client Bidding system
  • Easy implementation via standard IAB ad-space servers or a native embed of one line of JavaScript
  • Automated QA technology to monitor for ad block lists, malware, and redirects.
  • Patented Ad-display technology proven to increase interaction and CPM

Alternatively, if you already have a robust ad-stack there’s no need to change it.  Our products can work seamlessly alongside it.  The advantage of this deployment is that your ad ops personnel maintain control of your advertising strategy but now have a new set of tools to help them extract maximum value.

Interactions: Optimize Ad Inventory Value

All of our products are aimed at engaging website visitors.  With contextually relevant creative, visitors interact directly with the product which increases dwell time and ad viewability, which subsequently pushes CPM.

And we have a wide variety of products to choose from so there’s sure to be one that matches your needs.


For partnerships of sufficient size, we can entirely customize the products to meet your needs.  Custom trivia questions, geographically specific weather, images of your choosing, and even custom video are all possible. Customization projects are always managed by a dedicated project lead who works directly with your team to help ensure we achieve our goals.

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    Real Time Insights

    Every interaction tells a story and you can read all about it inside the Yieldos real-time dashboard.  Interaction data is a critical component to optimizing advertising operations.  The data may lead you to replace one product with another or to make other implementation changes.

    The data also produces a secondary effect – psychographic information about your website visitors.  How the majority of your visitors respond to a political poll, for example. You can also compare how those answers relate to the entire ecosystem of Yieldos’s deployments all over the country.