Patented ad-serving technology that optimizes viewability and dwell time

 Proprietary | Interaction-based | Auto Optimization | Transparent Performance

How it Works: Predict Interactive’s Patented Processes & Technology

Our patented workflows and technologies help publishers to maximize the value of their advertising inventory while simultaneously delivering an excellent end-user experience for website visitors.   Proprietary algorithms and AI-driven deployment have the dual effect of presenting contextually relevant interaction products and optimizing digital advertising impressions.

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Initial Load
We pair interactive products, such as the Trivia Sidekick, with an ad in order to increase viewability and drive more dollars per impression.  With our AI-driven deployment option we also kick off a category prediction process which “reads” the page and processes the text through a machine learning algorithm.


User Interaction
Our products are tailor made to encourage interaction which not only increases ad viewability, but also positively impacts page dwell time.  Interactions, also drive our patented technology to do something nobody else can do – maintain an excellent user experience and increase the number of ads within a given time frame.


Next User Load
Our AI will automatically categorize the page (Business, sports, etc…) so that the very next user to land on the page receives a matching, and contextually relevant product on top of the advertising space.  Ad operations doesn’t have to manually decide which interaction product to put where, our single line deployment does it all with AI.

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Besides users having an engaging way to stay on your site, you see two other benefits of our technology.  Consider a visitor who stays on your site for just over a minute.  Without our solution you would monetize, in this time period, twice.  With a PredICT Interactive deployment, however, you would monetize the same time period three times.

The other benefit is that every interaction that occurs on your site is being tracked and can be seen transparently through the yieldos dashboard.  You’ll be able to determine which products are driving engagement and even be about to drill down into each individual product to see drop-off points, and more.  This data allows you to make intelligent decisions to further optimize your digital advertising strategy.