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Made for Engagement

Every one of our ad optimization products is singularly aimed at driving interactions from as many website visitors as possible.

Interactions, via our patented technology, allows increased monetization and transparent behavioral data that allow you to make informed decisions to drive better and better performance.

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Real Time Dashboard

Yieldos provides a powerful view into what’s happening with all advertising campaigns running across your properties.

With daily reconciliations, advanced reporting, and profitability alerts, Yieldos can help you maintain quality, maximize profitability, and cut the time it takes to recognize revenue.

Yieldos also houses interaction data which tells you both about the behavior and psychology of your website visitors.  This data can be a powerful ally in optimization efforts.

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Trivia Sidekick

Know what increases dwell time, boosts impressions, and drives up CPM? Answer: More questions.  Our most popular product is the Trivia Sidekick.  From Health to Sports to Politics, we’ve got a relevant Sidekick to match your publication. The Trivia Sidekick product features:

  • Over 600 questions
  • Across 21 categories
  • Total Unit Sizes Supported: 300X600, 300X250 (Mobile), 970X250

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AI-Driven Deployment, Optional
One of our latest innovations is our artificial intelligence fueled deployment option.   You deploy a single line of code across all the pages you want the Trivia Sidekick to appear and our proprietary machine learning algorithm will read the page and deploy the most relevant trivia quiz.  This ensures contextual relevance and eases the burden on your ad-ops personnel.

Alternatively, you can target certain Trivia Sidekicks to specific webpages or sets of webpages.  This deployment method is more time consuming, but allows meticulous control over context.

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Interaction Data
As website visitors interact with the Trivia Sidekick, Yieldos is tracking those interactions at a very detailed level.  Inside the Yieldos dashboard, you can use this data to:

  • Compare Sidekick performance across the site
  • Identify highly interacted with Sidekicks vs. those needing attention
  • Drill into the question set to identify drop off points
  • Compare your website visitors answers to those of the entire Sidekick ecosystem

This latter capability is incredibly powerful in that it provides psychographic data into your website traffic.  This data can be used by your advertising operations professionals to optimize performance.  That data can also help you quantify the value of your advertising inventory.

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Customizable via Builder (Beta)
Just released to Beta testing is our interactive Sidekick Builder.

Using this intuitive user interface, any ad ops professional can modify an existing Sidekick or create an entirely new, custom, one.

The combination of interaction data with the Sidekick builder is a powerful duo. The data can, for example, reveal certain questions that are causing user drop-off so you can move those questions, edit them, or replace them completely with something else. Letting the data lead your way allows you to continually make optimization decisions to increase engagement with the product. Not only that, but you can quickly react to global trends by creating contextually relevant Sidekicks with just a moment’s notice.


Pollster is a ballot-style interaction product focused on current events.  Mostly deployed with political content, the product subtly solicits responses, but provides the user with a nice payoff after they’ve done so.  Website visitors get to see the tallied results of each question to which they respond.

Similar to the Trivia Sidekick, publishers get behind the scenes access to the data so that they can compare and contrast how their own website visitors, en masse, are responding to the poll questions versus the rest of the Pollster ecosystem.

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Centipede was tailor made for touch interactions on a mobile device. It is driven by our extensive trivia content from the Sidekick offerings.  The form factor is perfect on any phone and the content is enticing to interact with.

Weather Widget

Users can get local weather forecasts with a single click.  They can view hourly weather or a daily forecast as well.  Video motion catches the eye while hover animation entices the click.


Broadcaster uses your video or contextually relevant video content. All videos auto-play and are captioned so the default behavior is silent, and will not play unless the product is at least 50% viewable.

Casual Games

Contextually relevant casual games are one of the easiest ways to engage visitors. The striking aesthetic of full color interactive game-play coupled with the addictive nature of competition makes casual games an essential product for any advertising optimization plan.

There are dozens of casual games ready-made for you to choose from as well as the ability to fully customize to your brand/audience.

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