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Proven Ad-Stack

Our platform is imminently scalable, yet simple to deploy.  We’re a pleasure to work with and our technology is best-in-class:

  • Access to several premium advertisers through a Unified Client Bidding system
  • Easy implementation via standard IAB ad-space servers or a native embed of one line of JavaScript
  • Automated QA technology to monitor for ad block lists, malware, and redirects.
  • Patent Pending Ad-display technology proven to increase interaction and CPM

The PredICT Interactive ad-stack has been successfully used to generate tens of millions of dollars in partner revenue. Won’t you join us?

Engaging & Contextually Relevant Creative

Know what increases dwell time, boosts impressions, and drives up CPM? Answer: More questions.  Our trivia widgets automatically serve alongside ads to capture visitor attention and engagement.  The Trivia Widgets:

  • Have over 400 questions
  • Across 9 categories
  • Sizes: 300X600, 970/650X250


For partnerships of sufficient size, we can customize trivia widgets to meet your needs. Customization projects are always managed by a dedicated project lead who works directly with your team to help ensure we achieve our goals. ‘

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